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Strike with the Jacksonville RATTLERS!!


Become an official member of the National Alumni Association, J.R.E. Lee Jacksonville Alumni Chapter


Membership has its privileges!

As a member of the alumni association,

you can take advantage of:


  • Discounts on major car rentals

  • Discounts on CHOICE Hotels nationwide

  • Membership in the FAMU Federal Credit Union

  • Hotel reservation priority for FAMU sporting events


All members receive:


  • An Alumni Membership card

  • A distinctive lapel pin

  • A subscription to The Quest Newsletter

  • A subscription to A&M Magazine

Most importantly, by becoming a paid member, you are paying it forward for the next generation of Rattlers. You are also doing your part to ensure that FAMU remains the top choice for students seeking high education.


Dec 2022 Group Picture.JPG
Life Membership $795

(one-time payment to National, $35 Local, $10 Region)


An alumnus shall acquire Life Membership status with the payment of $750 one-time assessment. All persons with Life Membership Status shall be exempt from paying National dues for the remainder of their life, but are required to pay all applicable annual Region and Chapter dues to be considered as an Active Member (member in good standing) of the Association. Applications must be filed through a chartered chapter of the association whenever such a chapter exists or with the national office.

o Existing Life Members $45 to the local chapter.  This is only for fully paid life members.

o New Life Members $795 ($750 to the National Association, $35 to the local chapter, $10 Region). This is to become eligible for life membership for the current year and for making full payment towards a new life membership.


Subscribing Life Membership $345 

(3 Consecutive annual payments of $300, $35 to local chapter  and $10 to Region) 

An alumnus may also subscribe to Life Membership by paying the above Subscribing Life Membership assessment in installments over three consecutive years. Subscribing Life Members are National members subscribing to Life Membership; therefore Subscribing Life Members are required to also pay all applicable annual Region and Chapter dues to be considered as an Active Members (members in good standing) of the Association. Subscribing Life members agree that once the installments begin and if the installments are not paid in full on or before the three (3) year deadline, then all payments shall be forfeited to the National Alumni Association, Inc.


Annual Membership $95

($50 National Association, $35 local chapter, $10 Region)


National membership shall be granted to anyone upon whom the University has conferred a degree or anyone who has completed at least one term (quarter or semester) at Florida A&M University, Florida A&M College, or the State Normal College for Colored People. Persons who only pay his/her annual National membership dues ($50.00) and do not pay annual dues at the Chapter and Region level, are considered National Members. National Members cannot hold office at the National level, or vote in National elections. National Members may vote and participate at National Meetings if registered.


Associate Membership $95 

($50 National Association, $35 local chapter, $10 Region)


Associate membership is for friends of FAMU. Associates have all the rights and privileges of annual members with the exception of holding office and voting at the national and regional levels.




Chapter Officers



Ashleigh Willis



Venetia Steward



Joyce Couch


Crystal Griffin



Marquisha Williams


Deborah Willis



Karen Brown




Kelli Coplon-Williams


Dr. Frank Emanuel



Frederick Cooper


Dyamond Duperval


Elder Leroy Hutchins


Membership Update: As of March 31, 2023, all New and Returning FAMU NAA Members must visit to become a member of the J.R.E. Lee Jacksonville Chapter!​

For questions about the J.R.E. Lee Jacksonville Chapter, contact our Membership Chairs via email:

Need Assistance with becoming a member of the Florida A&M University National Alumni Association? Contact the National Membership Committee Chair via email: or the National Financial Secretary via email

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